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 What You Need to Join

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BeitragThema: What You Need to Join   Do Dez 24, 2009 3:59 pm

Well, if you want to join the eXeCuTors, you must have Skills. Not everyone can join. You need:
-Skills. We dont want that other clans lave to us caus weve Noobs in our Clan... Skill or Kick!
-Activity. We needn't Player which r playing 5 Minutes per day. Play enough, i'm talking about minimum 30 Minutes/Day.
-Respect. If another Player says anything, dont be agressive directly, try to speak normal with them, like were talking to ourselves if there is a problem to be solved.
-Humor. We want to play,win and laugh together. Players with no humor/a to little bit shouldn't make an application.
Have Fun,
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What You Need to Join
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